Meditation? What’s it all about?

So why meditate? What’s it all about? How does stilling the mind and body improve your mental wellbeing? ‘There are several physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reasons that may have brought you to meditation. For me I needed a way to calm my overthinking mind, which was always busy especially when I wanted to sleep.Continue reading “Meditation? What’s it all about?”

Being a counsellor

I love being a counsellor, it’s a privilege to be trusted to share someone’s life journey for a while. To really listen and try to understand their point of view, their hope, fears, suffering and sacrifices. To watch someone begin to see the hope and joy in life, and to help them become authors ofContinue reading “Being a counsellor”

A heart to understand.

I had some client feedback this week which resonates strongly with this quote. The Client said ‘Counselling has helped me to talk and open up about problems that had been upsetting me for years. Talking about them has helped me release them and I feel much happier in my life.’ Giving advice shuts down theContinue reading “A heart to understand.”

Meditation and Mental Wellbeing

This is Buddha’s take on how meditation can help you mental wellbeing. He implies loss of anger, anxiety, depression and fear is an unburdening of the self. A letting go that brings peace. I myself practice meditation and I use it when appropriate in my counselling work with clients. I find it helps not onlyContinue reading “Meditation and Mental Wellbeing”

Pain and struggle.

Many of us enjoy solving problems, many more of us watch programmes where we watch others find solutions whether it’s Dr Who, Jonathan Creek or Sherlock Holmes; we like puzzles and their answers. We have an ideal in our society that we can somehow know everything, that answers are just waiting to be found, ifContinue reading “Pain and struggle.”