Meditation and Counselling

Meditation and counselling may seem like unlikely bedfellows but I have found that they work well together for your benefit. Meditation helps to relax the body and mind, allowing the mind to become receptive and aware of it’s thought patterns and ways of being. Combining it with counselling techniques, allows for a process where theContinue reading “Meditation and Counselling”

Celebrities and Mental Health.

To mark mental health awareness week the BBC have written this article on celebrities who have mental health conditions, and discussed whether if they talk about their condition in public it helps or hinders ordinary people who have the same condition. The article’s author suggests that if society chooses our role models for usContinue reading “Celebrities and Mental Health.”


I came across this image on Facebook today, it really hit home how the small things can make all the difference. The most poignant line for me was ‘One candle can wipe out darkness’; illumination can take away the fear and terror of being alone in the dark, of being unable to understand or voiceContinue reading “One…”

The Self.

The self isn’t a static thing that is passed to us; it is not only a creation of the things that have happened to us in our lives or the hurts we have suffered, but so much more… The self is also created in our reaction to the things we experience good or bad andContinue reading “The Self.”