A Daughter’s Guide

To Surviving

The Holiday Season

Whether you keep in touch, have no contact, or even if mum has passed.

A daughter’s guide to surviving the holiday season with a difficult mother.

If your mum can be controlling, critical, and/or competitive

If you are feeling tense, anxious, or worried about another holiday with or without her

If the thought of her sucks the enjoyment out of celebrations

Then this survival guide is just what you need.

Are you you fed up with just trying to survive the holidays and big occassions, having to people please, but never being good enough in mum’s eyes?

Would you like to have a stress-free time, and just feel like having fun?

I can help you work with your emotions, navigate mum’s behaviour, and take back your happiness by sharing with you proven tips and strategies I use with my trauma-informed psychotherapy clients.

My specialised toolkit will work for you if you see your mum, have no contact, or even if mum has passed away, to help you have the special, relaxing time you have only dreamed of.

Think about how life could be if your relationship with your mum could improve or you felt ok to enjoy things without her, if you believed in yourself again, if you felt good enough to have the celebrations that mean so much to you.

Did you know that to break the cycle women often need support and guidance but don’t ask for help because of the stigma they feel about how they are supposed to treat their mother?

Don’t delay grab a copy of my survival guide today, and learn the tools you need to thrive during the holidays!

Hi, I’m Charlotte Pardy MA

I run The Meditative Counsellor, a successful trauma-informed psychotherapy business specialising in helping daughters of difficult mothers heal from their trauma, so they can lead happy, fulfilling lives, by overcoming the pain, stigma and emptiness they often feel.

I’ve been a therapist since 2008, and finished my Masters Degree in 2012, since then I’ve helped hundreds of women with difficult mother/daughter relationships learn to love themselves and find emotional freedom. I have been featured in the media and have even Received an award as Specialist Relationship Counsellor of the year 2021.

As a daughter of a difficult mother myself, I know how hard it is to find specialist help and support, and to navigate the minefield that is the holiday season, which is why I created my Daughter’s guide to surviving the holidays, to take you from feeling lost and alone, to empowered and thriving.

This guide is for you if you want to…

  • Enjoy the holidays despite the shadow of your difficult mum, but are unsure how to get started
  • Know what strategies and tools really matter to help you get through
  • Get out of the anxiety, guilt and stress that comes with living in survival mode
  • Get support from a qualified mental health professional you can trust
  • Feel empowered to move forward in your healing journey

What’s included:

Holiday survival guide:

Immediate access to my amazing PDF survival guide with tips, tools and strategies to help you get through the holidays, whether or not you are seeing mum, or even if she has passed away.

If you choose to upgrade and buy my VIP holiday survival guide bundle you’ll get:

  • My amazing PDF
  • Voice note support via WhatsApp from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day
  • A guided meditation to help you calm your thoughts and emotions.

Whatever option you choose, you are guaranteed to get my proven methods gleaned from working with hundreds of women like you.

‘I have been working with Charlotte for a while now and since having access to this group and the workbooks within it, I have been able to understand so much more about myself and my relationship with my mother. It has helped me to release blame and let go of any guilt I had over how our relationship stands. Charlotte has the best ways to allow you to see things from a more open perspective giving you time to digest and understand the reasons why things may be. Since being in this group I have been able to take a different approach with my mother, and minimise the conflict between us, although I know we both still have alot of healing to do. I understand that my healing is my responsibility now and that I have to put myself first. Charlottes work is highly recommended with her wit, sense of self, friendly yet professional manner and her warmth.‘


Your investment

The survival guide

  • Immediate access to an amazing PDF jam-packed with tools tips and strategies to help you with your difficult mother during the holidays

The survival guide bundle

  • As well as the PDF this option includes and audio of the survival guide read by me
  • And a recorded meditation to help you relax by calming your thoughts and emotions

For all this your investment is:

Our Guarantee

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Client love

The great thing about Charlotte is, she is really approachable. She is far from formal and clinical. It’s like talking to your friend beside the fire. She’s such a gentle and nurturing spirit, and knows her stuff. She has really helped me get through some tough times. I recommend her. Katie

Thank you SO much. It is so helpful to actually understand these concepts. I really appreciate the time and expertise you give me. Sally

I recently had a confrontation with a friend. They were acting up and I reluctantly pulled them up on it. They blew up and walked away.  My usual reaction is to blame myself and pander to them. I also have a tendency to worry about it and blame myself for a while after, sometimes disturbing my sleep. Straight after the confrontation had happened, I remembered something Charlotte had taught me. The useful ‘Charlotte’ voice pointed out that the feeling terrible and wanting to appease comes from a time when I wanted to appease my mother while at the same time, blame myself for her actions. Immediately on reminding myself of this, the bad feeling went away. It had completely taken the power out of it. I didn’t worry unnecessarily about my friend and it fixed itself without all the heartache. These things actually work! Thank you, Charlotte. You are amazing. Angela

So what’s stopping you?