Charlotte recording a podcast.

Pull up a chair and listen to Charlotte talk about life with a difficult mother.

As an award-winning psychotherapist Charlotte’s mission is to help women with their mother/daughter relationships, breaking the cycle of the mother wound, trauma, and unhealthy relationships, daughters of difficult mothers often experience.

As someone who has achieved a masters degree in her field, is a fellow survivor, and has over a decade’s worth of experience in working with maternal narcissism, Charlotte has lived and breathed healing the mother wound all her life. Having built her own private practice, she knows the strategies and tools to empower women and help them heal from their trauma in safe and authentic space.

After spending 2 years living in a young people’s hostel in Hertfordshire whilst doing her GCSE’s and A levels, Charlotte now lives in a peaceful Hertfordshire village with her husband, twin sons and dog Dharma.

In this episode we explore how your relationship with your mum can affect your work, and what to do about it if it does. If you'd like to submit a question for future shows, email me at: If you'd like to join my Daughters of the Roses membership group you can find out more here:
  1. Work and mum
  2. Your inner child
  3. Di's issue
  4. People pleasing
  5. Boundaries