Woman offering a helping hand.
Woman offering a helping hand.

I offer a range of workshops, webinars, retreats and personal therapy to educate, inspire and heal people suffering from maternal narcissism.

Why not book something today and begin your healing journey?

Meeting the Mother Wound Webinar

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Beginning to heal your mother wound masterclass

Beginning To Heal The Mother Wound is a 2 part online workshop where we will take the next-step to begin your healing journey, in a small, intimate group where you feel safe and supported.

I will help you get a better understanding of how important your relationship with your mother is, and explore what happens when there is a parenting gap and how much of an impact it has on other areas of your life.

You will gain skills to work with the loss that comes with the parenting gap so you can begin to address the feelings of unworthiness, emptiness and the lack of confidence that comes with not feeling good enough. This will help you to work on your negative self-beliefs.

If you are looking to feel better about yourself, like yourself more, and to untangle the web of what is you and what is your mother, this is for you. It will help you to stop self-sabotaging, belittling your achievements, getting into difficult relationships, and to believe you are lovable and valuable.

To hold space for you so you can get the most out of the workshop, this intake is limited to 9 people, so I urge you to book sooner rather than later. Once you book, you will be sent the private Zoom link via email.

After the workshop you will receive my How To Grieve bonus and my Healing The Inner Child Workbook.

The beginning to heal the mother wound masterclass is a wonderful workshop. I was able to draw out some of my feelings figuratively as well as literally. This helped me put names to my feelings and see what things I needed to work on or through in a safe way, coming back to grounding exercises regularly throughout the workshop helped keep me stable while working through the more difficult sections, as well as Charlotte’s presence. Two hours really isn’t long enough to delve deeply into things brought up in the session but it is a great start to the healing process. Even though it is a lot to cover in a short period of time the workbooks given after the class are great for going back into those helpful exercises at my own pace and I always have the extra support needed from Charlotte. I look forward to future classes and would definitely recommend this to others. The small groups make a lovely, intimate and supported space to talk and heal together.

Kayleigh K
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