I offer a range of workshops, webinars, retreats and personal therapy to educate, inspire and heal women suffering from maternal narcissism.

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FREE webinar exploring the mother wound 6pm on 27th Nov 2020

Last week I blogged about maternal narcissism or the mother wound, and the response was phenominal! I’m talking about it everyday, across lots of social media platforms. It’s certainly a hot topic.
People are asking about what it is, how they can tell if that’s what is happening to them, what they can do to help themselves and how to heal from it. So I figured I should put some time aside to really talk you through it.
On Friday 27th November 2020 at 6pm I’m holding a FREE webinar on the mother wound.
Spaces are limited so get in quick. I’d recommend registering even if you can’t make it as you’ll be sent a downloadable copy of the webinar the day after.

​So what is the webinar all about?

During this one hour webinar I will talk you through:

  • What the mother wound is
  • How the mother wound happens and how it’s passed on
  • Ways in which it can affect you
  • The 15 questions you need to ask yourself to know if it you have it
  • How to get help and support
  • Q&A

All registrants will receive a FREE downloadable copy of the webinar and a Healing the Mother Wound PDF

Please remember spaces are limited so do get in quick, you are welcome to share the registration link with anyone you feel may benefit.