ReikiYesterday evening I sat down to meditate, settled myself down and started to use my mala beads to mark my breath. The day’s thoughts ran through my mind and slowly began to settle.

I was sinking into the spaces between my thoughts when a thought went by that aroused a flash of anger in me. The emotion was strong and I knew it was time to listen. We often feel that meditation as a pushing away of thoughts, but I find it a good tool to use to focus on the thoughts that matter. Thoughts like this one that were telling me something needed to change.

So I explored my thought, found the piece that was making me feel so het up. It boiled down to injustice and privilege that led to a lack of understanding in a particular situation. Once I had listened to my Self, my instincts and explored my pain I knew the action I needed to take.

Peace flowed into me and I was sure of my decision. I sent love and light to the situation and people that had caused the hurt, but I knew it was time to move on.

Breath by breath I finished my meditation and felt whole again.