I am writing the plan up for my meditation group next week, and following the season we will be looking at using meditation as a means to help you create change in your life. Great athletes and business people often spend time visualising a particular goal or outcome in order to score that winning goal or basket, to close a deal or get a promotion.

The process is simple:

Imagine it > Believe in it > Manifest it

So you have had an idea whether it’s a new sofa or to change your lifestyle or even to change a belief you have about yourself. What’s next?

  • Settle yourself into meditation, it’s often good to start with a relaxation to calm the body.
  • Bring to mind the change you want to create.
  • Picture it in your mind as clearly as you can.
  • Engage your senses, what does this image look like? What can you hear? What can you smell?
  • Imagine what it feels like to achieve this change. Are you elated at the prospect of your promotion? Are you more confident? Or are you excited?
  • When you feel the image is a clear as you can make it, step into it, become it.
  • After a time allow yourself to bring your awareness to your breath and let the image fade.
  • Come back to the place you are in.

Repeating this visualisation helps you to focus on making it a reality, manifesting it in the real world. It allows you to focus on how to achieve your goal rather than the little voice that says ‘I can’t…’ It also helps to increase your confidence when the time comes to put yourself out there and make the change.