I have been spending time working out how to reach people. Those who can’t afford therapy, those who find it hard to say I have a problem and I think I need help, those too busy to relax and those who haven’t yet noticed their life consists of work, work, work or stress, stress, stress.

My community work is growing, our free Meetup group is expanding and twice a month I get to work with some amazing people, unfortunately many can’t make Thursday nights or have other appointments. Some of the work I do with my private Clients is online or over the phone, as part of this I often email meditations I have recorded over to them to work with. I have decided to use this principle in a different way and I have released 3 free guided meditations on my website http://www.infinitedimension.co.uk/meditation (at the bottom of the page). My hope is that they will help more people to relax and become more in tune with the whole of themselves instead of constantly living in their heads. We often do this when we worry and have a lot of stress in our lives, agonising over decisions and things we have said and done.

Meditation is about bringing you back to your Self body, mind and spirit.

For those who need a little help coming to terms with things that have happened to them, changing things in their lives and having a better relationship with themselves I offer counselling and transpersonal development. Going forward I’d like to work out how to add this to my outreach programme, but for now I offer 2 low-cost places for those in need.

So why? Why do I value community and outreach work so much?

I love my work and over the years I have discovered need is not based on wealth, or an ability to access private therapy. At a time when so many are displaced and struggling, it is my small way of giving back, of doing something practical to feed my soul and lift someone else up. If you would like to know more or would like to do some work with me, do get in touch charlotte@infinitedimensions.co.uk.