So why meditate? What’s it all about? How does stilling the mind and body improve your mental wellbeing?

‘There are several physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reasons that may have brought you to meditation.
For me I needed a way to calm my overthinking mind, which was always busy especially when I wanted to sleep. Overthinking can often lead to worry and anxiety. Initially I found it hard going with thoughts often intruding when I was supposed to be thinking of nothing. As I began to explore what might help me with this, I realised there is a wealth of knowledge out there about meditation and also many ways to practice.
I tried out several exercises that were designed to help with slowing and calming my mind; I found what worked for me and my practice grew. After 6 months I felt I had had such an improvement, I was sleeping better, thinking less and was generally happier; that I wanted to share what I had learnt.’

Extract from my forthcoming Introduction to Meditation book.