Meditation and Counselling

Meditation and counselling may seem like unlikely bedfellows but I have found that they work well together for your benefit.

Meditation helps to relax the body and mind, allowing the mind to become receptive and aware of it’s thought patterns and ways of being. Combining it with counselling techniques, allows for a process where the counsellor and you can work together to understand which of these thought patterns and ways of being are no longer useful to you and how they may be holding you back.

The counselling aspect also allows for a supportive environment in which we can look at how and why those thought patterns may have formed and how you might move on. In short therapy is a collaborative act.

Working with someone who takes the time to listen and understand your point of view is important; however being a Client is not a passive process where something is done to you, your part in the process is just as, if not more important.

I believe counsellors should encourage their Clients to have an active role in their healing and moving on. Meditation as part of the therapeutic process is one of the ways we can and should empower our Clients.

Published by The Meditative Counsellor

As a fellow survivor and qualified registered therapist, I help women with difficult mothers feel better about themselves by providing a safe space for them to heal from their trauma and pain. My blog is dedicated to my thoughts, experiences and work in helping women to heal from their mother wounds and assisting women to find healthy support networks. I strongly believe that I have a duty to share my knowledge to empower women like you, to improve your mental health and wellbeing through holding a safe space for you to heal, providing therapy to hear you, so you can understand yourself, and education to give you the tools to empower yourself. If you would like to work with me do get in touch via the contact page or at

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