There is a proposal from a former Tory minister to have children in schools for 45 hours per week, 45 weeks of the year:

This would give even quite young children a working week longer than their parents. It would inhibit their ability to socialise with anyone who is not the same age as them and inhibit their ability to explore, risk take and play. All this we are told is in order to get better exam results and provide inexpensive childcare for parents.

My concern is how will this affect a child’s mental health especially if they do not like school, are being bullied or are struggling with work. When Bowlby looked at children in care who were institutionalised with people who gave little affection and attention, he found children with mental health issues. His recommendations to the World Health Organisation changed the lives of many children for the better and helped us to understand the importance of love and attachment to children. What it teaches them mentally and emotionally about themselves and their place in the world.

Education should be holistic not just academic. Think back to your time at school was it all ‘happy days’ or are there things you would have changed?

What’s your opinion on these proposals?