New Research.

New research into mental health happens all the time but we rarely hear about it. This major study from America: has researched the genetic link between 5 major mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder and found some shared gene mutations.

The significance of this research is the classification of mental illness based on physical diagnostic tests rather than using manuals such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 4 produced by the American Psychiatric Association. In this manual members of the APA can put forward new classifications of disorders, and then vote on whether or not they feel it should be included. This has caused the inclusion of some questionable disorders, such as ADHD which has been described by it’s discoverer as a fictitious disease: You tube also has some good videos of the APA voting on which disorders should be included in the manual.

The other exciting result is that some of these disorders share a percentage of similar genetic mutations, this means a targeted therapy could help with more than one of these illnesses. It is still early days and much more research needs to be done; but these are exciting times for exploring the causes and treatments for mental illness, based on provable reliable evidence.

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Published by The Meditative Counsellor

As a fellow survivor and qualified registered therapist, I help women with difficult mothers feel better about themselves by providing a safe space for them to heal from their trauma and pain. My blog is dedicated to my thoughts, experiences and work in helping women to heal from their mother wounds and assisting women to find healthy support networks. I strongly believe that I have a duty to share my knowledge to empower women like you, to improve your mental health and wellbeing through holding a safe space for you to heal, providing therapy to hear you, so you can understand yourself, and education to give you the tools to empower yourself. If you would like to work with me do get in touch via the contact page or at

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