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How do you acknowledge the good things in life? It can be hard when you are having a down day to even entertain the idea that something good, or pleasant or nice has happened to you. We are very good a listening to and disseminating facts and stories about things that have gone wrong, that we are struggling to cope with or deal with. Mainstream media is just as bad, when was the last time you read a positive news story and if you did how many negative ones did you get through first?

So how do we change our point of view, how do we find balance in our lives? Yes there will always be tough times but is that the whole story?

It is easy to let the little things slip by, the smile of encouragement from a good friend, the hug at the end of a hard day’s work, the change you found down the side of the sofa; all these things are positives in what may be an otherwise negative day.

Some strategies I use with Clients to help them hold on to these good things include:

  • Keeping a journal.
  • Writing post its of any positive moments with the date and putting them in a jar, to read when you feel down.
  • Positive affirmation backed up with evidence, for instance: Instead of saying I am lovable, say I know I am lovable because my sister told me and hugged me when I visited today.
  • At dinner go round asking everyone to say one good thing that happened today.

All these strategies make an effort to balance the positive and negative parts of your day, so that a day where things don’t work out how you hoped they would, doesn’t always turn into a day that feels like the end of the world.

In what ways do you acknowledge the positives in your life? Leave a message below and tell me your thoughts.

Best wishes