The other day I found an interesting article on the legacy of Prozac by the BBC. It underlines the fact that talking therapies are just as good as anti-depressants for treating depression, and have fewer unwanted side-effects.

I am posting the article here for you to take a look at, to see what you think:

I feel that mild to moderate cases of depression can be best treated by working through and addressing the issues that are causing the individual distress within a safe and supportive counselling environment. Sometimes a combination of medication and counselling can work for a particular Client.

Life is full of ups and downs and when you are feeling down and depressed counselling can help build resilience, and coping strategies to get you through the tough times life inevitably throws at us. Depression can be a normal reaction to an unusual or shocking occurance in our life that is hard to deal with, it is NOT a sign of weakness.

For more information about depression check out this informative article from the Counselling Directory:

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