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Are you struggling with a difficult mother-daughter relationship?

If you are feeling like you are walking on eggshells around mum, that you are never good enough, and your confidence is low, you are in the right place. Why not take my quiz to find out how healthy your relationship with your mum really is?

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Hi I’m Charlotte Pardy MA

I’m also known as The Meditative Counsellor, I am an award-winning psychotherapist who specialises in working with people who have difficult relationships with their mothers to heal from their trauma and become more confident and happy in themselves. I take my clients from feeling neglected to nurtured, however they choose to work with me.

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Excellence is in the passion

I am passionate about helping people like you, who have difficult relationships with their mother because I know the impact it has on your work, relationships, children (if you have them) and how you feel about yourself.

I have worked with people in circles and Red Tents for a number of years now, and see the strength and support that can be gained from a non-competitive environment, where you are accepted exactly as you are.

My retreats, therapy, workshops and webinars recreate that inclusive and non-judgemental environment and are open to all regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, faith, neurodiversity or other protected characteristic.

Difficult Mothers

If you feel you are not good enough, no matter how much you achieve or people please. That your relationship with your mother is difficult, that you have to walk on eggshells around her, deal with her criticism and judgement or look after her emotional needs despite what’s going on for you because, in truth, it’s all about her; then you are experiencing Maternal Narcissism or what some people call The Mother Wound.

My Mother Wound work helps you to recognise and process how your mother’s narcissism has affected you, and gives you practical steps and support to find your worth and honour your achievements, so you feel good enough.

Expertise and Qualifications

As an award-winning psychotherapist I have worked with people like you who have experienced difficult relationships with their mothers for many years. As a fellow survivor I know how lonely the healing journey can be without support. With my qualifications, and personal experience I bring a unique expertise to our work together.

MA in Contemporary Therapeutic Counselling
Diploma in Teaching Meditation
Certificate in Telephone Counselling
Art of Viniyoga Certificate
Working with Clients Who Take Psychiatric Drugs CPD

BACP registered counsellor
Fully insured
DBS checked


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I have been working with Charlotte for a while now and since having access to this group and the workbooks within it, I have been able to understand so much more about myself and my relationship with my mother. It has helped me to release blame and let go of any guilt I had over how our relationship stands. Charlotte has the best ways to allow you to see things from a more open perspective giving you time to digest and understand the reasons why things may be. Since being in this group I have been able to take a different approach with my mother, and minimise the conflict between us, although I know we both still have alot of healing to do. I understand that my healing is my responsibility now and that I have to put myself first. Charlottes work is highly recommended with her wit, sense of self, friendly yet professional manner and her warmth.’

Nats Daughters of the Roses member.